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You are about to register for the 2023 EFMD Annual Conference which will be held at the emlyon business school in Lyon, France from Sunday 11 to Tuesday 13 June 2023.

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The email address you will use to register should be the one that will appear in the list of participants. It can only be used for one registration.
You will be able to provide an additional email address later on to which all emails regarding this event will be forwarded.

Accompanying person

It is possible to register your spouse/partner for the conference dinner(s). He/she will not have access to the conference. Please note that you cannot register a colleague as an accompanying person.

The registration session implies the following steps:

Event Registration
  1. Approval of the registration policy
  2. Filling out your personal details
  3. Filling out the registration form
  4. Provide your invoicing details (when applicable)
  5. Proceed with secure online payment (when applicable)
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The registration process requires that you provide a passport-like picture of yourself of the right specifications and quality (see below). Please, make sure that you have such a file at hand to upload before proceeding with your registration.

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